Ofcom Approves PhonePayPlus 14th Code of Practice.

Ofcom has decided to approve the PhonepayPlus 14th Code of Practice, which applies to the regulation of premium rate services in the UK.


Premium rate services are interactive services that consumers can access via their landline and mobile phones, computers and digital TV. They are charged for via the customer’s telephone bill and can range from receiving a daily horoscope, following football scores, voting in TV programmes, making charity text donations or downloading ringtones.


Ofcom has overall responsibility to make sure that consumers are protected by ensuring appropriate rules are in place and enforced. To achieve this, Ofcom has designated PhonepayPlus to carry out the day-to-day regulation of premium rate services. PhonepayPlus does this through a Code of Practice that establishes certain standards for the operation of premium rate services in the UK.


PhonepayPlus periodically reviews the Code to ensure it continues to operate in consumers’ best interests and provides a fair and proportionate regulatory regime for industry.


Following consultation, Ofcom has today approved the new Code which is due to take effect from 12 July 2016.

Download the PhonepayPlus 14th Code of Practice

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