VoIP Calls & SIP Trunks

A number from Numbers Plus can be terminated, over the internet, to a software or hardware-based SIP device. This means that you can receive calls anywhere in the world, as long as you have a data or internet connection.


With our user-friendly online console, you can control when calls are forwarded to your VoIP device, and you can still choose to have incoming calls diverted to your landline or mobile if your VoIP phone is offline. If you have inclusive minutes in your package, there will be no charge for calls to your landline or mobile either!


You can, of course, also make outbound calls using your VoIP device. This has the added benefit of showing your Numbers Plus number as the caller ID, creating a professional image to your customers.


If you are a business that makes many simultaneous calls both inbound and outbound, and require multiple inbound numbers or lines, then a SIP trunk may be right for you. A SIP trunk will deliver all calls to your Numbers Plus numbers to you, and if required you can use the same SIP trunk to make outdial calls using any of your Numbers Plus numbers as the caller ID. Numbers Plus SIP trunks can be inbound only, outbound only, or bi-directional. Please note you will need a VoIP PBX or similar to be able to use a SIP trunk.


VoIP and SIP Trunk services can be setup on any of our numbers, for more information please click here to contact us.



Our VoIP service and Sip Trunks feature great functionality, such as:

VoIP and SIP Trunk services can be setup on any of our numbers, for more information please click here to contact us.


VoIP Softphones


Numbers Plus recommend using softphone applications from Counterpath. The Counterpath Bria software has been tested with our service, and is easily configured as our settings are available from within the preconfigured list of VoIP providers in the Bria software.


The Counterpath Bria VoIP client for smartphones is available to download below:


iPhone iPad Android BlackBerry


The Counterpath Bria VoIP client for Windows/Mac/Linux is also available to download here.


Counterpath Bria VoIP Smartphone Settings

Step 1

Download the Counterpath Bria VoIP client for your softphone. When launched the provider list will appear, scroll down until you see Numbers Plus.


VoIP Setup 1


Step 2

You will have 4 items to fill in. Please enter your Numbers Plus VoIP number in the "Display As" and "Username" field. Enter your VoIP password in the "Password" field. Finally, enter your VoIP username in the "Auth Name" field. Then press "save" to store your settings.


VoIP Setup 2


Step 3

Providing all your details are correct, you will then be registered into the VoIP service, and your account status will show "Registered" This now means you can accept VoIP calls, and, if enabled, make outdial calls from your Numbers Plus number. Please note you will need to log into the Numbers Plus console and set one of your targets to call your VoIP phone to enable inbound calling to your VoIP client.


VoIP Setup 3


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